May 25th

Our EP "Long Lost Longing" is out!!

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We have just released our very first EP titled Long Lost Longing. For now you can listen to all of the four songs for free on our Bandcamp page. The EP is also coming soon to your favourite streaming service. There will also be a very special limited edition in a CD format coming soon so stay tuned! We’re very excited and buzzing on Facebook and Twitter throughout the week so drop by and let us know what you think!

Jul 9th

Studio update and EP teasers

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It’s been awhile since our last update but we’re happy to inform that the recording of our EP is nearing it’s finish line. With just the keyboards and vocals left to record there’s a lot of anticipation in the air and major positive tingling sensations felt among the band members.

We have basically done everything ourselves so it has been a slow process to say the least. But we have also learned a great deal which hopefully will materialize in our upcoming EP as well as any future recordings.

There still lies a wait ahead though. In the meanwhile we decided to release a series of teasers from the EP. The sounds are still raw and unpolished but we wanted to get something out for you to listen and hopefully get excited about. Here’s the first two teasers featuring the handiwork of our guitarists (without dismissing the nice bass and drum grooves!). Also don’t forget to follow us on Facebook to get the latest buzz. Until next time!

EDIT: The teasers have been removed.

Apr 9th

The recording of our EP begins

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We know many of you are anxious to hear our music and with pleasure we can now inform you that the recording of our first EP is underway! There will be a total of four beautiful songs of melodic metal goodness coming your way.

We are working hard in the studio and rightly so since we’re doing everything ourselves from recording to mixing and mastering. So it still pays to be patient. We’ll release updates frequently with pictures and teasers here and on our Facebook page so be sure to like us there to follow our journey.

In the meanwhile Ville will be the first one taking the stage playing in the drum tracks.

Mar 24th

The Grand Opening of

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Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, freaks and fairies! Step right up and enter the wondrous world of Severnica, your sympathetic, symphonic metal band hailing from the beautiful city of Turku, Finland. Why don’t you have a seat, relax and let us entertain you.

We’re currently in production and working hard to present you our music. In the meanwhile, you’re welcome to meet the members, see us posing around the ruins of Kuusisto, like us on Facebook and give us feedback based on your experience here.

While this website is still a modest egg waiting to hatch, we intend to nurture it into a full-sized flame breathing dragon. So be on the look out for frequent updates on what we’re up to, teasers of our upcoming EP and some pictures along the journey.

The making of this website has been a lengthy process and I feel like some thank yous and handshakes are in order. First of all, thanks to all the other members in the band for giving ideas, support and just being all around awesome. Thanks to Marko Nieminen for crafting our sweet logo. Thanks to Timo Tolmunen for patiently shooting amazing photos of us. And thanks to Enamorte for creating the gorgeous art in our header (if you like it, be sure to check out some of her art).

And thank you dear visitor for your interest and time. We hope you enjoy your stay and come back often!

-Ville, the drummer and web apprentice of Severnica.